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Agnelo I have been a banker for the last 13 years, but if there is one thing that I consistently got joy from was taking pictures. I could afford a decent camera only in the last 7 years and in this time I have shot product, fashion, portraits, events & weddings. The technicalities of the machine in front of me, continues to amaze & make me fall in love with it each time, making it an extension of me. More importantly, there is this subject across the machine that completes this engagement. It’s the elation on a brides’ face as she gets married; a fathers’ heartache as he bids farewell to his daughter; the joyful innocence on a child’s face as he leaps into his mother’s arms; the anguish of a sportsman in defeat; the soul of a designer that shines in her dress, the passion that went into designing a product, the perseverance that gave birth to it. Its these nuances that exist and last for a fraction of a second that I tirelessly wait to capture.

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